When you are travelling the world you’ll explore many different places & landscapes.

Mostly you discover the beautiful sceneries when you are walking but to go on far distances you have to use a plane, bus, train, car, ship or whatever will move you.
By doing this you mostly look out of the window and you realize how fast everything is changing.

worldoutsidewindows is a digital-art-project which is using the social media chanel instagram as the plattform to showcase shortclips.

Those clips are taken through windows of whatever means of transportation gets you to the next destination to document a journey and will only be posted to the Instagram profile.

The website is showing the social feed of the channel.

Soundtracks are not altered.
No pictures will be posted.

This project already started in 2013 when Instagram first launched the possibility to upload videos. At this time there was a limitation in length of 15 seconds and you were only able to show clips in square format.

2018 the max length of Videos to upload is 1 Minute.


worldoutsidewindows from worldoutsidewindows on Vimeo.